august goals….

Dear Diary,

Today while I was out for a run I started thinking about where I am now with my running, both physically and mentally. As I mentioned in my “hello…” post, most runs lately have been a struggle for me physically, and therefore they leave me feeling down on myself and defeated instead of elated like running used to do for me in the past. I’ve been trying to readjust my expectations for my runs and breaking up my runs with scheduled walk breaks, as opposed to the unscheduled walk breaks I was taking before. Over the past year I’ve been stopping to walk in my runs because “OMG – I just can’t do this anymore” and “OMG – I’m so slow”. Β I want to re-learn how to push myself to run through my self doubts. Β This is the first time I’ve tried to make a running comeback that wasn’t due to pregnancy or a major injury, and wow, this sure is hard!

My other goal is weight loss. I just booked a trip to Punta Cana for next April to go to my friend’s wedding so I also have that to motivate me to keep trying. Like pretty much everyone else, I have a good 15-20 lbs that I want to lose before the trip. It would be really nice to need a whole new summer wardrobe because everything I own is too big. Β I have 8 months to do this!

This month my focus will be on making running feel fun again, and to establish healthy eating habits – it would be a bonus if I lose some weight too.

This Month’s Goals:

  1. Run more often – there are 5 weeks of August this year, so my goal is to go for 20 runs (4 runs/week). EDIT – at an average of 5km/run I’m aiming to run 100 km or more this month.
  2. Strength train -more go to my boot camp class at lunch 10 times this month (2 classes/week).
  3. Less alcohol – resist the urge to have a beer in the evenings (unfortunately this might be the hardest goal to accomplish)
  4. Nutrition – more protein, less baked goods…

July Recap

Last month was all about recovery from my back injury (sprained SI ligament). Over the last two weeks I’ve run 6 times and went to 4 boot camp classes. My back has been mostly pain free.It feels so good to be back running and exercising! I felt so DOWN and blah when I wasn’t being active, it was horrible! I’m looking forward to this being a much better month both mentally and physically. Bring it on August!

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    1. I can’t wait! I need to find a picture of the resort & put it by my desk to remind myself of what I’m working for. I’ve never been to an all-inclusive before!

    1. Oh I hope so, I’ve been fairly active the past 18 months and so far I haven’t seen any progress πŸ™

  1. These are great goals! I don’t drink much because a) it makes me feel awful but b) alcohol is full of totally unnecessary calories. Unfortunately my belly has confirmed that over the last month because I’ve been having a drink every now and again and I’ve got a noticeable pooch. I’m still in my weight range but I can definitely feel the difference. Ick!

  2. Eight months can either fly by or drag along. Don’t look at the lofty goal of losing 15 to 20 pounds. You can’t lose 20 until you lose 1. That’s what finally made it click for me. Break it down as low as you can. 1/2 pound per week over the next 8 months amounts to 16 pounds lost. And as you said, August has 5 weeks…so that’s 16-1/2 pounds by the wedding. You’ve got this!