Dear Diary,

Today was an absolutely terrible day for eating. As a result, I feel gross and yucky. Like really gross. My stomach hurts and my head hurts. I did remain truthful and logged all of my food into myfitnesspal so I could see how many calories, nutrients and macros that I consumed.

Unfortunately today was not a unique day. Besides the last month, today was a day just like any other day over the past couple of years. When I reviewed my food log it quickly became apparent to me how I gained the weight and why I felt like shit. Lately I’ve felt so good, I never want to feel like I did today again. It’s almost like I needed to do this to myself to understand how much better I feel when I eat healthier. I’m really looking forward to eating well tomorrow and getting right back up on that horse this is the healthy journey that I want to continue on forever.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Do you struggle to eat healthy on weekends too?

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