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September Goals

Dear diary,

It’s September now – a new month, and thus new goals.  I’m of the opinion that if something is working for you, then don’t change it. If it isn’t working, then you need to make changes.

Last month I shared that my ultimate goal was to lose weight for my trip to Punta Cana next April.  I shared my plan for how I was going to work to accomplish that goal in this post. So far my plan is working.  I’m down 4 lbs and 2% body fat.  Making wise food choices is getting easier, and I’m excited about the progress I’m making, even the progress that no one else can see.

Because my plan is working, I don’t want to change too much so my goals are pretty much the same as last month’s:

This Month’s Goals

  1. Run more often – there are 4 weeks of September this year, so my goal is to go for 16 runs (4 runs/week). EDIT – at an average of 7km/run I’m aiming to run 115km or more this month.
  2. Strength train – more go to my boot camp class at lunch 7 times this month (2 classes/week).
  3. Less alcohol – resist the urge to have a beer in the evenings (unfortunately this might be the hardest goal to accomplish)
  4. Nutrition – more protein, less baked goods and log my meals with Myfitnesspal.

Races in September

I have one “race” this month.  On Friday-Saturday this week I’ll be participating in Ragnar Trail Cottage Country with my team “Chek Squad”.  This is a three loop relay style trail race.  Each runner will run each of the loops one after another until all team mates have run the three loops.  The total distance each runner will run is 24km – my 115km goal for the month includes this distance.

August Recap

August was all about being more consistent with my training.  I set a goal of running 4 times a week, and to hopefully run a total of 100km.  Guess what?

I did it!

I exceeded my goal and since a lot of those kilometers were on trail they were more difficult than road too. I have to admit that I’m starting to become obsessed with trail running!


What are your goals for September?


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